If you drive long enough, you are bound to see some interesting things on the road. Drive up in the Cities, you will see lots of interesting things, add to that rush hour traffic, and well, all bets are off. I know this from the few times I have driven during rush hour, 30 minutes to get on the on-ramp from 100 yards away, anyone?

If you add the normally controlled chaos of a rush hour commute and add recent snow and icy roads, already you are looking at a slower commute time. Then you don't want to add this, a wild turkey held up traffic on I94, specifically the eastbound exit from Hennepin/Lyndale onto I94. This is already a busy interchange.

But, that's not all, a motorist, who saw the turkey, got OUT OF THEIR CAR and tried to shoo the turkey off the road. That's right, there is video of this person, arms flapping, trying to get the turkey to safety. Ugh, don't get me wrong, I am an animal lover, and I have swerved to avoid hitting animals on the road, but, what I have never done, get out the car to chase an animal on the Interstate. Check out the video here.

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