The Waseca County Sheriff's office reported on their Facebook page that as of 8am there were still a number of impassable roads. This included township and county roads which are plugged due to all the drifting from yesterday and this morning's wind.  They remind citizens that some situations will require extra work and special equipment to unplug these roads. It might be wise to call ahead before setting out to make sure you can reach your destination. Impassable roads are probably a concern in other nearby counties as well.

My gravel road in Freeborn County got a little special attention from the plow on Wednesday as an extra attempt was made to push the snow back a bit further into the ditches.I think it helped as I only had some thick pin drifts to plow through this morning. The freeway at 4am was in pretty good shape.

Gulp, we might be in store for another inch or two of snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Here's a neat video of driving in the 1920'a in a snow storm.

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