Thousands of people are expected at the Mayo Civic Center tonight for President Trump's campaign rally. This is a ticketed event but your ticket doesn't guarantee you entrance. Several people didn't want to risk not getting in so they camped in front of the Civic Center last night. The crowd has grown this morning.

Photos from the Civic Center at 9:00 AM:

Here's what the crowd in front of the Civic Center looked like at noon:

TSM Rochester, Attendees Waiting at Civic Center for Trump Rally


Protesters gathered at Soldier's Field at noon.

Shortly after gathering the group began to march through downtown.



At 3:20pm the crowd outside of the Civic Center was massive. Lines stretched for blocks. The doors opened at 3:30pm.

Live from inside the Make America Great Rally

Moments Before Trump Takes The Stage

TSM Rochester, moments before Trump took the stage in Rochester

Check back for updates as we track Trump's visit to Rochester.