Attending a Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC) match at Allianz Field doesn't have to break the bank!

I'm not usually one for bucket lists, but my wife and I recently did something that I have really wanted to do for a couple years now -- see a soccer match at Allianz Field in St. Paul. We attended our first -- and, up until recently, only -- Minnesota United Football Club (MNUFC) game back in 2017 while Allianz Field was under construction and the Loons were playing at Gopher Stadium. While enjoyable on its own, that match was made more memorable by the fact that we attended the week leading up to our late-July wedding and got to share the experience with some of our closest friends and family. Since then, my wife and I have desired to attend another game, waiting until the new field was finished.

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We finally made that happen this past 4th of July weekend. Now, I'm pretty stingy with finances; my parents instilled in me a strong value on saving money, so I have trouble spending it -- including on myself and even when it's budgeted for. Nonetheless, I decided that a soccer match at Allianz Field was worth the splurge, and I went all-in -- I booked us higher-priced tickets for good seats near the field, we treated ourselves to (admittedly overpriced) food and drinks at the stadium, and we even splurged and got official team apparel to wear while we cheered on the Loons! When it was all said and done, it wasn't cheap; but it was definitely worth it, and we're already looking forward to attending our next match!

With a visit to Allianz Field under our belt, here are some tips and tricks we learned that I'd suggest for an affordable visit in the future:

1. Book tickets in the supporter section

Like I said, I booked slightly more expensive seats for a better view of the field. That said, the supporter section -- also called the Wonderwall (yes, after the Oasis song of the same name) -- sits on the left end of the field under the scoreboard when facing the team benches. Tickets there are among the cheapest available and range from $30-$35 per person before taxes and fees (another $7 or so). While my wife and I enjoyed the view from our seats, the Wonderwall was definitely the most electric and exciting section of the stadium, and we intend to book seats there next time.

2. Buy your team gear at Target

If you want to wear your support for the Loons but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, buy your gear at Target. Target generally has a section (albeit small) of Minnesota sports teams apparel that will cost the same or even less than what you'll find in the MNUFC official team store at the stadium. You could also try the local thrift store.

3. Buy your team gear online

Another suggestion for buying team apparel is visiting the official MLS store online. There you'll find a lot of options for MNUFC as well as other teams, including many items on sale. And remember -- once you've purchased your gear, that's an expense you won't have to worry about in the future!

4. Eat and drink before or after the game

Food and drinks at Allianz Field are expensive (surprise, surprise!). While we budgeted and treated ourselves to both, you can save a lot of money by eating and drinking before or after at any of the nearby breweries and restaurants surrounding Allianz Field.

5. Use rideshare or book your parking in advance

Allianz Field is located on Snelling Avenue just off of I-94. The stadium is surrounded by parking lots of varying prices from $10-$30 for single game. We reserved our parking at one of the $10 lots in advance; we did have to walk a couple blocks, but we didn't feel unsafe as many other people did the same. The stadium is also just off the Metro Green Line for easy access in. You may also pay less still if you use rideshare like an Uber or Lyft.

A MNUFC match at Allianz Field doesn't have to be an expensive ordeal. I'm confident that if you apply these five tips and tricks, you can have an affordable and enjoyable time at the beautiful Allianz Field in St. Paul. Go Loons!

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