You've probably heard of the Periodic Table or the Periodic Table of Elements.

It's that chart of chemical elements arranged by numbers and abbreviations you've had no use for since your fifth grade science class. What you may not have heard of -- until now -- is the Periodic Table of Minnesotans.

Created by a Minnesota artist for Minnesota-themed apparel, the Period Table of Minnesotans is a "chart" of "elements" in the shape of Minnesota, each element being an abbreviation for some common Minnesota word or phrase. For instance "UD" stands for "Uffda" while "PR" is short for "Purple Rain."

Responses to the Periodic Table of Minnesotans have been overwhelmingly supportive and amused, with many asking if it will be available on shirts.

"Soon. We’ll let you know 🙂," is the official response from BrandMNCo, the website that shared the image.

"Oh for cripes sake," says one person on Instagram, completing Minnesota element No. 12 "OF" ("Oh For _____").

"We gotta add HD = Hot Dish and JL = Juicy Lucy," suggests another.

Click on the Instagram posts above to see more elements from the Period Table of Minnesotans.

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