If you are looking for affordable housing in Minnesota AND need a house that has an easy commute, there probably isn't a better place that you'll be able to find than the house at 3530 Washington Ave N, in Minneapolis that is on the market for just $189,900.  It literally has zero neighbors, probably never will (you'll see why in a second) and is very close to I-94. Like...it is right outside.

Bonus! The house has a water view too!  If you glance to the East you'll see the Mississippi River.

House for Sale in Minnesota that is Perfect if You Love Cars More Than People

Finding an affordable house in Minnesota is not an easy task. If you don't like living by people and you are ok with some road noise (ok, probably a lot!), I may have found the perfect starter home for you in Minneapolis. It's pretty much the Minnesota version of the movie "Up"...everything just built right around it, including some major roads that surround the property.

There must be more to the story of this property because it just seems odd that a house would be sitting right in the middle of all of these busy roads.  It is almost like Minnesota's own version of the movie "Up", where a city was building all around the older home but the owner refused to sell, so they just built around him.  It seems like the city just built all around this house.  Even the road is curved to go around the end of the property.

One thing that I learned while I was a real estate agent is that although the house might not be perfect for me, it is perfect for someone.  If that's you, you can see the full listing on Realtor.com and take a tour here.


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