Tell me that this dog isn't just living his best dog life, acting like he's the boss as his owner waits for her vehicle to fill with gas. Meet Koda the Husky, and you can often find him, just like this, leg hanging out the window cruising around acting like he is just too cool.

Koda was spotted at a Kwik Trip in Albert Lea by TikTok User Guevara973 on Saturday.


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One of Koda's owners Korrissa found the video on TikTok and then shared the TikTok video on her social media. This isn't the first time Koda has had his photo taken for his unusual, but smile-producing, riding style. There have been a few times his picture has made the rounds online. If you visit Albert Lea long enough you are sure to see this pooch rolling around.

Being someone who is also a husky owner, I can only imagine what it's like inside that SUV as the wind starts to blow in as the car is driving down the road. Fluff must get everywhere.

Speaking of driving with your dog in the car, it's NOT illegal to drive with your dog on your lap, but according to our friends over at KROC in Rochester, you could still get a ticket if it greatly affects your ability to drive.

I don't seem to think that will be an issue for this owner, as this pooch seems pretty relaxed right where he is, and we've got the video to prove it.

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