While the calendar still says 2021, parts of Southern Minnesota are already thinking ahead to the summer of 2022 as the Freeborn County Fair just announced its 2022 concert lineup for the '6 Best Days of Summer'. The lineup is a little bit different this year as two classic rock groups are appearing at the fair sandwiched between Country performers and Christian-pop performers.

One of the expected performers, Ted Nugent, brought with him protests against his performance, and large crowds to watch, the last time he played the Freeborn County Fair.

Here's this year's concert lineup for the Freeborn County Fair, followed by the genre of music in parenthesis.

Tuesday, August 2nd - Neal McCoy (Country)
Wednesday, August 3rd - Lee Greenwood (Country/Folk)
Thursday, August 4th - Ted Nugent (Classic Rock)
Friday, August 5th - .38 Special (Classic Rock)
Saturday, August 6th - For King and Country (Christian Pop)

The Freeborn County Fair, which takes place that first week of August each year, has paid gated admission, but each admission ticket to the fair gets you into the grandstand each night for the musical performances.

It will be interesting to see if Ted Nugent brings once again brings protesters out to the fairgrounds area this year, in 2016 several individuals picketed outside the gates, and at a park nearby, over Nugent's performance at the fair.

For tickets to the show, closer up bench seats, as admission to the fair gets you in the grandstand, you can head to the fair's website to reserve and purchase your tickets.

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