We normally see Samuel L. Jackson asking us about what is in our wallet. Now residents in the 2nd Congressional District are seeing the star from such films as Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, Unbreakable, and Goodfellas backing Angie Craig in her campaign to unseat Republican Jason Lewis in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District.

Jackson in his own right has tweeted a series of campaign videos supporting various Democratic candidates, and his role in the video for Craig is cleaning Craig's cat's litter box while she works on the campaign trail.

You got to hand it to the man who in the past has dared people to say what again, recited bible verses, and played Shaft he is rather comical talking about "scooping up bits of kitty treasure."

The race in the 2nd District is shaping up to once again be a tight one as Craig ran in 2016 and lost to Lewis by the narrowest of margins, just 1.8 percent of the vote (6,655 votes).

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