It's payback time, at least that is what Burger King is offering its customers if you download and use their app. In a video posted to Burger King's Facebook page the fast-food chain wants to "eat your student debt". The catch, you've got to make a purchase on their app. Maybe that's a small price to pay to get some help with those students loans. 

The King is going to pay out $250,000 over the course of the promotion towards peoples student loans. The promotion is offering a grand prize of up to $100,000 paid towards the winner’s student loan balance, while 300 other winners will get up to $500 knocked off their student loans. It all begins when you place an order on the app, you are directed to input how much your monthly payment is. Everything kicks off beginning May 23 and will run through June 6.

In fact, there has been social media evidence that BK has already been dropping 5's on select individuals according to these Twitter users.


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