There are some skills that we just automatically assume people should know by the time they are adults and no longer living at home with the parents. Skills like how to balance a checkbook, how to cook without setting off the smoke alarm (or the dinner bell depending on the sense of humor your family has) how to arrange for car repairs, or even how to change a tire.

One school district, in KY, has offered such a class, they called it "Adulting Day" and it taught students how to navigate some of those skills, including covering paying bills and how to respond to law enforcement if you are pulled over.

These skills are so very important, and I think they should be taught in all area schools, not just for one day, but for a semester, or even a full year class. Home Ec classes are great and they can teach some of the basics, but, being able to understand a checkbook is so much more beneficial than making a pillowcase, no matter how cute the fabric is.

These classes should also focus on debt, college loans vs grants, credit cards, and how to properly budget for monthly expenses and how much you can truly afford to spend on luxuries.

In addition to offering a class like this in the schools, perhaps this would be a great class to offer through the several Community Education offerings, I have made it this many years without knowing how to change a tire, that should change.

What life skill do you think is one that everyone should have by the time they reach adulthood?

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