The first snowfall of the season is projected to hit Minnesota this weekend. Here in the St. Cloud area we are looking at a rain/snow/slush mix for Friday through Sunday. Fun. Even more fun is driving during the first snow storm of the season. Here are the five worst things about it.

1. You have to dig through your car to try to remember where you stashed away the ice scraper.

This one happens before the car even gets put into drive. You know there are at least two ice scrapers somewhere in the back seat because the kids were hitting each other with them on the 4th of July road trip. Now where did you tuck them away...

2. Headlights are forgotten.

If it's raining or snowing you need to have your headlights on. Seems like common sense but you realize just how many offenders there are at times like these.

3. People make up their own lanes.

Can't see the lane, make your own. Even if it is way off. People are going to follow whomever decides to lead.

4. You realize how bad your tires really are.

Remember when they looked a little suspect over the summer and you shrugged it off saying it can wait until winter? Surprise. Winter came early. Have fun on those racing slicks.

5. Everyone just forgets how to drive.

It's like we are back in drivers ed. Some people are going way too fast. The next person is driving like a granny leaving church on Sunday. And no one is quite sure what a blinker is or does. It's the process of relearning how to drive every single year.

Good luck navigating this weekend. Hopefully the weather isn't as bad as it is supposed to be! We will keep you updated on the forecast with our free mobile app.


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