In true Northland fashion, here's a headline about the weather that may not surprise you but it will definitely make you sad. It looks like winter is well on its way and will be here very soon, if you believe the old Farmer's Almanac.

We were spoiled with a nice, long summer or so it seemed. It was only a few days after the first official day of fall that local meteorologists broke the news: our first frost was coming. We indeed got that cold snap Monday (September 26th) into Tuesday with more on the way.

We can't complain too much though, as our last official summer-like day was later than usual. We got a handful of extra warm days compared to our average and while it wasn't even a full week, I am still thankful.

Now, that time of the year is here where it is officially fall but winter could arrive at any moment. That is just what we get in the Twin Ports and it looks like this year, it is arriving earlier than usual.

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That is what the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting at least. According to their forecast for our region for October, snow is well on its way and we could have one of the shortest fall seasons ever. Sigh.

So when can we expect the first taste of winter? The Old Farmer's Almanac says within the first few days of October! Sometime between the first and the fifth of the month, we will see rain turning to wet snow and cold temperatures.

The good news is that for the rest of the month, things will calm down a bit and we will feel a bit more like fall than the start of the month. The Old Farmer's Almanac says to expect rain off and on and mild temperatures.

There is more good news as well. We will see an average temperature a few degrees above average for this time of the year, which is in the upper forties. That means, we should be rebounding and won't dive headfirst into winter just yet.

We will have to wait and see how things shake out. After all, not everyone believes in the Old Farmer's Almanac. Not only that, but they make long-term weather predictions by region which means they don't pinpoint forecasts for each different town or city.

As for when winter does roll around, it looks like it is going to be brutal as always. The Farmer's Almanac released their annual winter predictions and they are forecasting a long, cold winter yet again. Soak in fall while we have it!

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