I think we can all identify with Ralphie in 'A Christmas Story'. He dreams of getting a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas, only to have every adult in his life tell him that they're too dangerous and that he'll shoot his eye out! As a child that grew up on a farm, and had a BB gun at an early age, I can tell you that yes, they are dangerous. My brother and I shot each other up on several different occasions! But there are other toys out there that might not look dangerous, but could end up causing some big-time cuts and bruises!

A new study looked at the rate of injuries due to toys, and first, the good news. The rate of kids getting hurt continues to go down. The last nine years have seen a decrease of 35% in toy-related injuries in children. Yes, the pandemic had an impact on that, with fewer toys being purchased in 2020. The study also found the children most likely to be injured by toys are between the ages of 1 and 3. Be careful with those toddlers!

So what toy is the most dangerous to have around? The top toy according to the study is one that my kids enjoyed when they were younger. Razor scooters! My three kids all had them and rode them all over our Marion neighborhood. I don't remember too many serious injuries, but I sure remember putting them away and having them swing and bang into MY shins! Since 2016, scooters have caused more than 190,000 injuries to kids.


Now, that's not to say getting them a scooter is wrong. At the right age, they are a ton of fun! Just make sure your kids have the proper gear like a helmet and knee pads. But you should probably still stock up on band-aids.


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