Today is the day, it's Tax Filing Day! If you are like me you've been done with your taxes for at least a month. BUT if you planned on getting those taxes in last minute because you have to pay in, better hope you've got some checks on hand. The IRS' website has been having issues accepting online payments. 

ABC News is reporting that the website to make payments and access other key services is down. But the agency still expects you to pay your taxes on time.

The IRS did not give an immediate explanation for the failures but said in a statement that "certain IRS systems are experiencing technical difficulties."

The agency also said that taxpayers "should continue filing their tax returns as they normally would." The problem is, electronic filing is the most popular way to file. And the IRS has not offered any immediate solution to the problem.

Pages on the IRS website used to view account information, make a direct payment or set up a payment plan were all not functioning most of the day Tuesday.

Screen Grab IRS.Gov
Screen Grab IRS.Gov

Visitors to the IRS payment site saw one of two messages: One that says the website is unavailable. And another that the outage was due to planned maintenance scheduled to end on Sept. 22, 2016.

If you're wondering why your taxes are due on a Tuesday this year it's because April 15th was on a Sunday and yesterday was Emancipation Day, a D.C. holiday.

Oh about that payment you can still mail a check for the amount owed, just make sure the postmark date on that envelope is today's, otherwise it is considered late and you may pay a penalty.

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