The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Walk-In Access program sign up ends Friday, April 27. It's your opportunity to make money from your idle rural land. You'll be allowing the public to hunt on your land in exchange for payment from the DNR.

To qualify, your parcel must be at least 40 acres and covered by high quality natural vegetation. You will be paid by the acre with bonuses available on parcels that are enrolled for three years, are more than 140 acres and located near a state wildlife management area or federal waterfowl production area. Hunting on your signed up land will take place September 1 till May 31.

New this year is the fact that if you enroll in a three year contract you may qualify for up to $20,000 in habitat enhancements on your land. Examples you could use the money for  include prescribed burning, removing invasive trees and brush or planting native species.

The DNR Walk In Access web site has further details and information.

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