I have a friend who is taking the Lasik plunge next week, and we were talking about what to expect. When I was giving her my best advice, another friend said, "I wish someone would have been more real with me about the first few hours after surgery!" I had Lasik twice, and I'm not going to sugar coat it. Here's what you can expect.

When I went in for my first Lasik surgery, I was just 20 years old. I hated wearing glasses and contacts and was more than ready to fix my eyes. Weirdly enough, one of my eyes actually wasn't "bad enough" to have to fix, so I only did one eye.

I made it several years without having to do anything to my other eye, but as soon as an eye doctor told me I needed to wear ONE contact, I was right back in the Lasik office prepared for surgery number two. There was one thing that I did differently that made a significant change in how I was feeling from one surgery to the next.

The surgery itself is so quick and honestly, painless. The first few hours afterward though however, definitely not a cake walk. Before you stop reading and just decide not to go through with it, hear me out. It is worth it! AND, this tip WILL make it easier! The first time, I tried to nap, but I couldn't. It hurt too much. The second time, I was prepared. I took some sleep aid (ZzzQuil) and was able to sleep through the pain. Seriously. Night and day difference. When I woke up after a few hours, I felt awesome.

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