My kids aren't big fans of shopping, but they do love going to Costco. More specifically, they love leaving Costco. If you've shopped there, you know the routine, as you're  leaving you have to stop at the exit so an employee can review your receipt. My 4-year-old son loves this part. Handing over the receipt for review makes him feel important. My 2-year-old girl also loves this part because when the employee is done checking they draw a huge smiley face on the receipt with a bright highlighter.

Last weekend we learned that this won't be part of our routine anymore. We went to get some things and as we were leaving I handed the receipt to my son. He got excited knowing his part of the transaction was coming up, but when we got to the exit and he handed the slip to the female employee, she just looked it over and handed it back. I'm not sure if we had a confused look on our faces, or the lady felt guilty, but she felt the need to pull aside and explain. She told us that someone had filed a complaint and they are no longer allowed to draw smiley faces on receipts.

I know it's not the end of the world, but WHAT?!? Seriously, what kind of person complains about smiley faces?!?!?

UPDATE: Costco management says it's up to each warehouse to decide whether or not the exit artwork is OK. The change was made in Rochester to reduce the time people wait in the exit line.

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