Thursday evening was interesting weather-wise, to say the least! I watched the temperature on my phone drop 20 degrees as soon as it started raining. Absolutely nuts! And of course, this rain was accompanied by lightning and some thunder. Not a good combo for this poor steer at the Waseca County Fair.

WCCO reports that, according to the county sheriff's office, the steer was being led into the beef cattle show when there was a crack of lightning that spooked the 1,400 lb. steer and he took off! He ran off the fairgrounds and crossed Highway 13 by 11th Avenue. He was eventually captured near 2nd Street Northwest and 13th Avenue.

No one was hurt, and the steer was not hurt, so this story does have a happy ending! Unfortunately, though, the steer was taken by his owner and did not return to the fair.


Source: WCCO

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