July 13 is National French Fry Day. Sounds OK to me as I like fries. Let's peek ahead and say what other days are in the offing. July 14 is National Tape Measure Day. Again I can understand as the tape measure was patented on July 14, 1868. July 14 is also National Nude Day. I just knew there would be one of those.  I understand there's a nudist colony hosting an open house on Saturday along with a cookout and pool party. I wonder if they'll let the guests wear masks or something till they decide whether they want to join or not.

My daughter should like July 15 as it's National Love A Horse Day. National Get Out of the Dog House Day is July 16. It's supposed to be a day you decide to make amends. So if you and your spouse get into a donnybrook on August 1st should you wait till the middle of July 2019 to patch things up? I think not.

Just a couple more. July 17 is National Tattoo Day. I suppose some folks will think it a big deal. Tattoos aren't for me. I compare getting a tattoo to putting on a plaid shirt and being told I have to wear that shirt the rest of my life. Just not for me.

Here's one we can probably all agree on. July 19 is National Hot Dog Day. Anyone not like hot dogs?

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