Most if not all state symbols of Minnesota make sense to me. The state drink is milk, the state grain is wild rice and the state sport is hockey. One can understand the importance of each and the history of each when discussing Minnesota. Another obvious state symbol is Washington's state vegetable which is the Walla Wall onion which of course is named for the city in that state.

However there are some states that have symbols that I don't quite get. For example, Oregon has a State Microbe. Why? Kentucky has a State Tug of War, it's the Fordsville Tug of War. Are tug of wars big things in Kentucky?

Then we have a state that maybe over does it. Tennessee has not 1 but 3 state flowers. They also have 4 state insects, 3 state trees and believe it or not, they have 10 state songs.

I was working in Antigo, Wisconsin when the state soil was named. It was Antigo Silt Loam. Folks were pretty excited. They even wrote a song paying tribute to their state soil. It's the Antigo Silt Loam Song.

Are you aware of any unique state symbols in the U.S.?

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