After a year off, the Steele County Safety Camp returned this July with hundreds of elementary students learning about summer safety topics. They also got a cool off from the Owatonna Fire Department ladder truck at the Steele County Fairgrounds.

The latest edition of Just the Facts from the Owatonna Police Department (OPD) reported breakout sessions included safety training in fishing, boating, hiking and camping, firearm, bicycle, electrical and fire safety. "Lake Kohlmier and the Steele County Fairgrounds were the sites for the return of the Steele County Safety Camp. After a one-year, COVID-19 hiatus, the format changed from a two-day event to a one-day event with different campers each day."

OPD officers Matt Oeltjenbruns, Joel Hunt and Derrik Quinlan, Sergeant Josh Sorenson, Community Service Officer Brian Shaw, Reserve Officer Maddie Ziegler and Explorer Abby Morris represented the department as camp counselors.

The Owatonna fire truck shown in this posting turned on the hose at the top of the ladder to cool down the group of kids taking their safety training at the fairgrounds. It was, no doubt, a nice bit of relief on another hot, humid summer day.

Night to Unite

The Night to Unite is Tuesday, August 3. Go the Owatonna Police Department website for last minute details. Officers that visit block parties will be collecting school supplies for the Steele County Children's Remedial Fund.

Arrest Made in Dartt's Park Shooting

Owatonna police recently made an arrest stemming from a shooting at Dartt's Park in Owatonna on Sunday, July 18. Just the Facts states, "On Friday, July 23, detectives interviewed Zachary Schultz, age 18 of Northfield, who admitted to firing a .22 pistol at a victim over a drug deal."

A search of a Northfield address found the weapon believed to have been used. "Schultz was charged in district court with Drive-by Shooting, 2nd Degree Assault and Reckless Discharge of a Firearm, all felonies." Police continue to investigate.

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