As you may have heard, there is a solar eclipse happening tomorrow, on August 21st. We here in Southern Minnesota will not see a complete blocking of the sun, however, we should see between 75% and 90% blockage. This is still enough to get everyone I know at least partially excited.

I have seen so many different memes on Facebook about the eclipse, people joking about moving the eclipse to a different day, and that kind of thing. Well all of that got me to thinking about having an eclipse party. After all, everyone loves a good party.

Then, reality hit, I am not able to have a party as there are a few issues with planning something like that. What do you serve at an eclipse party? Is there a special food? Who would I invite? Most of my friends work during the day, and would not be able to attend. Oh, and I am working as well, so I don't think I could ask off to throw a party, at least not the day before.

I do plan on watching the sky, but, not looking directly at the sun during the eclipse. Although, I could make one of the eclipse viewers out of a cardboard box. This will be an interesting event to witness.

If you are wanting to know more about the eclipse, I found some great information on the NASA website. They explain things so much better than I ever could.

Full sun eclipce

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