I just discovered that I'm not the only person in Minnesota that feels like this. However, I  was surprised to find out that I'm pretty much like my Minnesota neighbors.

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A study conducted by Barbend, asked the question, "If you were given the choice to walk or drive to a destination that is a 5-minute walk away, would you rather walk it, or drive it?

1 out of 3 Minnesotans said they would rather drive it.


This sort of makes you think that Minnesotans are lazy, but I think it couldn't be any further from the truth. The fact is, our Employers are asking us to do SO much these days, we need all the extra 5 minutes we can get.

Even though most of us agree that we don't walk enough each day, getting in between 2100 and 3400 steps a day, there are reasons why we choose to drive those short distances.

  • Windy or inclement weather. This makes sense right? If you are at work, you don't want to come back to work soaked, or with your hair all over the place due to the wind.
  • The Cold. When temps hit 32 degrees, it's time to drive. 62% of Americans say that 32 is the key to saying NO to those 5-minute walks to the store.
  • Having to carry items that are too heavy.
  • Having more comfortable shoes to walk in would help.
  • And it's just not the right time of day.

According to the article, the survey didn't consider people's body fat percentages but did say that by 2030, over half of the US population is expected to be obese.


That being said, if the 5-minute walk to the store just isn't working for you, try to remember to get some walking in at other times of the day; maybe before your day begins, or after you get home from work. Walk, dance with your dog, do a few jumping jacks. Try to be the kid in you when walking, running, and jumping were fun. Find your joy and get those steps in.


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