Thanksgiving can be a very hectic holiday. Traveling, family time, and all the food.

It's a food centered holiday (in my humble opinion), but people always have the predicament of spreading their time amongst different sides of the family and their friends.


Friendsgiving, according to legend, was born in 2007. That's when Merriam-Webster added the term to their dictionary.

Some people even credit the TV show Friends for kickstarting a holiday filled with, you guessed it, friends. Regardless of origin, there is one important question to be asked:

When should Friendsgiving be celebrated?

According to Delish, there is no set date to celebrate Turkey Day with your friends. It can be celebrated any time before Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday in November).

Many of my friends celebrate with friends the weekend before, some even celebrate the day before.

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Friendsgiving is usually a potluck affair, versus one person cooking everything. Bring your favorite dish, dessert, or drink and add it to the mix.

That way, more time can be spent with each other and not worrying about if the turkey is burning.

The really fun and unique part of Friendsgiving is that you can make your own traditions. You can decorate together, play an annual game, adopt a fancy dress code, or any other idea birthed under a drunken dinner.

Friendsgiving might have been a thing for some people, even before it had an official name.

It doesn't matter how you celebrate the holiday. Family, friends, friends that are does not lose the meaning of the day. As long as you are with your loved ones, it's a holiday well spent.

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