People all across Minnesota are planning their summer getaways right now and a lot of them are scrolling through Airbnb listings to find the perfect spot to call home during their vacation. You can find some great deals on Airbnb or you can drop a bunch of cash to live like royalty.  Below you’ll see the latter – the most expensive Airbnb in Minnesota.

The team at Joybird recently wrote about the most expensive vacation rentals across the country. The house in Minnesota is massive but it will cost you. They say you’d have to pay more than $14,000 for a 3-night stay at this Minnesota mansion. Check out the listing below to see why this Airbnb is so expensive and let us know if you think it’s worth it.

The Most Expensive Airbnb in Minnesota

With $14-grand you could go on an incredible European vacation or you could spend a 3-day weekend in Inver Grove Heights. I know which one I’d choose. Here is more info on Minnesota’s most expensive vacation rental:

The Most Expensive Airbnb in Minnesota

This 16,000 sq ft estate in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota is situated on 78 Acres so you won't have to worry about neighbors. Read more about Minnesota's most expensive vacation rental and check out what it looks like on the inside below.

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