Next weekend the Final Four will take over Minneapolis and U.S. Bank Stadium. There will be tons of people visiting Minnesota for this big event which means there needs to be a ton of security. And all of that security comes with a hefty price tag.

WCCO reports that it's estimated that security for the Final Four will cost about $1.3 million. "They want people to know they are ready to show the world our city is safe, fun and friendly." I guess they've been working on security for the Final Four for over a year now.

That $1.3 million is paid for with funding from the Minneapolis Local Organizing Committee. 30 different law enforcement agencies will be working together. They'll also be working with street outreach teams and security inside of many downtown buildings.

Medaria Arradondo, Minneapolis Police Cheif told WCCO, “We are encouraging our community members that if they should see something suspicious to say something."


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