Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The criminal complaint filed against the rural Rochester woman who ran over her adult son clearly indicates Cynthia Grund’s actions were intentional.

The documents supporting the charges of second and third-degree assault state a deputy directly asked the 58-year-old woman if she intentionally ran over the 37-year-old man and she replied: “you bet.” Grund also faces criminal vehicular operation and other lesser charges in connection with the incident on Monday at her property near Salem Corners.

She told investigators she had been arguing with her son about drinking all day when he left her home and said he was going to walk to Rochester. Grund’s version of the events indicates she drove down her driveway, caught up with her son, and told him to get into her vehicle. Instead, she says he laid down on the driveway in front of her vehicle and apparently challenged his mother by saying she wouldn’t run over him.

The complaint says Grund told investigators she backed up her vehicle and “gave myself some time to think.” At some point, her son got up, but then laid down on the driveway again and Grund stated she thought about it some more and then ran over him.

The son’s statement is starkly different. He told investigators he had gone outside his mother’s home to wait for her to give him a ride to a friend’s home and was sitting on the driveway with his back facing the house when he was hit by his mother’s vehicle. He actually indicated he does not remember being run over and thought it was an accident. He was rushed to St. Marys Hospital where he was listed in critical condition for about a day with serious pelvic and other injuries, but is now listed in fair condition.

At her formal arraignment Wednesday, Grund’s bail was set at $20,000 without conditions, but she was released on her own recognizance after agreeing to conditions set by the court. Her next court appearance is scheduled on April 3rd.

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