Forager Brewery posted on Facebook almost 24 hours ago with the news of their newest beer concoction. They described it as "a sour, Cheeto-colored peach beer dedicated to Donald J. Trump." Immediately there was mixed reaction from folks wanting to cheers to that and others whom found it disappointing.

Forager Brewery is known for it's local beers and wood-fired pizzas. Their beer is made right on site. They're also advocates of supporting local farmers and neighborhood businesses.

Now Forager has hit the national news with people reporting Foragers new controversial beer was mentioned on MSNBC "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. A guest on "Hardball" mentioned that there's a brewery in Minnesota that's making a beer called "Impeach me".

Say what you will about it and have your opinion - either way, what an excellent marketing strategy to get a brand new product mentioned on national news within 24 hours. Pretty brilliant. We suspect Forager Brewery is probably toasting to that. You'll get your chance to try the "Impeach me" beer soon! It'll be ready for their 2nd anniversary on September 9th.

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