If you haven’t heard of Hater, it’s a new-ish dating app that connects people based on the things they mutually hate. As a single dude still looking for a soulmate who also doesn’t care about watching the latest Carpool Karaoke video, I very much approve.

The app has collected enough data to compile a list of the most hated food in all 50 states, and I confirm that I would never have guessed the results for us.

Apparently, most Minnesotans hate green beans. I can present no counterargument to that. If I'm putting a scoop of green beans on my plate, it's only to make it LOOK like I'm a healthy eater. See, Mom? I like eating vegetables!

*secretly buries green beans in a pile of gravy*

My home state of North Dakota isn’t a fan of tapas, or Spanish appetizers. DUMB. Me gusto tapas.

Wisconsin hates Lunchables, something I now realize I haven’t thought about since I was in the third grade. Not enough cheese? That’s random.

Iowa hates Qinoa, a.k.a. hipster rice. Do they not like the food, or do they just hate remembering how to pronounce it? (“KEEN-WAH”)

If you want to see the rest of the results, including the shocker that Coloradans hate Flaming Hot Cheetos, click here. I see you, Texas, with your “steak cooked well done”. Totally agree.

Source: Buzzfeed

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