The picture is a bit deceptive as the soon to be introduced robot cat has no legs or head. You can see and read more about the Bocco robot cat here.

I suppose the selling points are that you don't have to feed it, change its litter box or worry about breaking your apartment lease.

However a robot cat without a head or legs just seems creepy. After sitting on the couch and petting your robot cat, you have to remember to put it away out of sight. Think about it, surprise company shows up and there's a headless cat on your couch. Might cause a bit of a scene.

Actually you could have some fun with this as it does have a tail that wags or curls depending on the stimuli. How about placing on your neighbors friend step and ringing the door bell? You'd get a gasp and stare and then maybe they'd poke it with a broom handle resulting in the tail of the headless creature wagging back and forth. I would screams would be next to come.

What do you think? Would you spend $100 for a robot cat without a head? I think first I'd check grandma's attic to see if she still has that old beaver pelt coat. It would be about the same thing.

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