It's Wednesday, and it's time for another adoptable animal of the week! This week's adoptable animal is currently with the Steele County Humane Society in Owatonna. Dutton is only 6-7 months old, he is 38 pounds, and ready for a home he can call his own. How cute is this guy?

According to Dutton's NEW bio that was sent to me in an email from Alison, which you can read in that post featuring him on the Steele County Humane Society Facebook Page, states that Dutton is now up to 38 pounds, is a little shy still at meeting new people, but having chicken, baby carrots, hot dogs, or string cheese helps him get over that initial shyness.

On top of being a little shy, and who isn't at such a young age, Dutton likes to get his exercise in outside! He enjoys running around the yard, he gets the 'zoomies', and enjoys playing with other dogs. Small dogs aren't as fun, as he is a mid-size dog.

On top of enjoying running around, Dutton likes to play fetch, although like most young dogs, if there is something else in the yard he might get distracted, so patience and someone willing to put in the time with him to train him to bring it back regularly would be a great fit.

Currently, Dutton is potty trained and sleeps well in his kennel at night and while his foster parents are at work.

Dutton's adoption fee is $300, but he has already been neutered, microchipped, dewormed, and is up to date on vaccinations.

If you'd like to set up a meeting with Dutton, you can call Becky at the office to get an application, 507-451-4512 or email

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