Even though his senior year at North Dakota State University is wrapping up, 2016 Owatonna High School graduate Alec Holcomb intends to pitch again at the collegiate level. He is also hoping to be a college coach ultimately.

He's been compared to The Hulk in his baseball career. And not only because he wore green with NDSU and is listed at 6-foot-3, 230 pounds on the Bison website. Holcomb was compared to the green-hued superhero following some of his dominant performances out of the bullpen while pitching last summer for the Waterloo Bucks of the Northwoods League.

He also topped the defensive stats chart as a senior on the football gridiron for the Huskies in 2015 and that's no easy task. But I have always found him to be a gentle guy, during interviews and while working some play-by-play games with him, covering the Huskies on the radio and through OwatonnaLive.com.

Holcomb is finishing up his undergraduate degree in sports management at NDSU with online classes, but saw his senior baseball season cut short by the NCAA shutdown of athletics. He plans to pitch when he lands with a grad school with the extra year of eligibility granted by the NCAA.

Click below to listen to an interview I had with Holcomb

He might play a little with the Dundas Dukes this coming season (if there is one), but is otherwise working on resting his arm and getting in great shape. He's got workout equipment at the off-campus spot where he is living while taking online classes at NDSU.

The Bison were already nearly 20 games into their season when the coronavirus shut things downs. The team had traveled to Hawaii, Florida, and a couple of other spots better suited for early season baseball than Fargo. They had even beaten the Gophers while playing at US Bank Stadium.

Holcomb had a great time pitching with Waterloo during the summer of 2019. He had gone to watch a few games while in high school and was thrilled to be able to play in the league alongside some high-end college players in front of packed stands while making friendships. The Bucks had some fun on Twitter with his dominance as a closer out of the bullpen.

Holcomb was the Oldenberg Senior Athlete of the Year at OHS in 2016. He is an O-Club member as well after lettering in hockey, football, and baseball.

The invitation will always be open for him to jump in on a broadcast whenever he is back in his hometown. Otherwise I'll just keep up-to-date on his latest endeavors by chatting with his dad Tony while standing on-the-glass at a hockey game at Four Seasons.

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