An Owatonna woman is warning others about an instance she had in a parking lot in Owatonna recently. The post, which has been shared over 225 times, doesn't name the business but gives readers a general warning about being cognizant of your surroundings and in general know some safe practices. 

Gail Buckingham on Sunday posted about a recent trip to a retailer in Owatonna, and the experience she had in the dark parking lot.

"Perhaps some of you have heard or read about business parking lots and how customers are becoming targets for not-so-good events happening. As I was walking back to my car last night, I saw a shadow between 2 cars. The shadow came out. A young person with a hoodie. He wanted to to talk to me. He kept saying, "Ma'am can I talk to you?" I kept walking. He followed me to my car. I quickly got in and started the engine and left. I called the store and reported this event to security. They were going to check it out. Yes, this happened in Owatonna."

While Buckingham, did not name a business, she did state in her post that rather than ''quarantine" a business, something like what happened to her in that particular parking lot, could in fact happen in any parking lot anywhere.

Buckingham ended the post with some safety tips for anyone walking alone in a parking lot, day or night.

"...Be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared if this is to repeat itself. Know your time so security can check their tapes. Secure your purses. Carry your keys. Know your surroundings. When possible, park under well lit areas."

You can see her whole post below.

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***Edit. The original post included a photograph that was in the TSM Faribault/Owatonna library of images that also contained a parking lot. The original image's location was in no way associated with a possible incident, nor was it intended to create an association.

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