The Ice Golfing Tournament took place on Saturday, Feb. 6, on Lake Kohlmier in Owatonna. Temperatures were steady in the mid-30s with south winds at 15-20 mph. A good time was had.

It was a nice day to be out on the ice putting a golf ball around to raise money for Exchange Club for Family Unity in Owatonna, which is a support-based in-house mentoring program for parents to provide a safe home for their children.

D&D Yard Service in Owatonna moved the snow around to make it an easier time for the Reggie's Brewhouse crew to make the course on Friday.

The first round at noon had 17 teams and the second round at 2PM was full with 18 teams. The teams raised $1,400.

Each participant that signed up for the Ice Golf Tournament is automatically signed up for Bar Golf. That will take place in March.

By the way, if you are interested in signing up for Bar Golf in March, there is still time. Stop by Reggie's Brewhouse, 220 N. Cedar Ave., Owatonna, or call them at (507) 413-6000 for more information.

Be sure to have a designated driver.

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