It's 26 balmy degrees outside and several people lined up to jump into Lake Kohlmier for the third Polar Plunge for Special Olympics in Owatonna. I was out there taking pictures of the plungers, all of whom are much braver than me, and my fingers are still frozen. I don't know how they do it, jumping into a lake, in January, in Minnesota.

Special Olympics is a great organization, I have a daughter who is an athlete, and I serve as a coach for a couple of sports. If there is something going on with Special Olympics in the area, I am usually a part of it. This is why I was out at Lake Kohlmier to take the pictures of the jumpers and cheer them on. The money raised at these events help the more than 8,000 athletes registered with Minnesota Special Olympics.

In addition to the brave souls who were excited to jump in the lake, the Knights of Columbus also presented the Owatonna Area Special Olympics with a very large donation as well. It warms my heart to see how much Owatonna, and the surrounding area, has recognized and donated to the area Special Olympic athletes, many of whom I know.

It's always fun to watch these events, you forget about the cold until after it's over, and just make sure to stay out of the splash zone.


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