Be prepared for a slow down here and there if you are traveling over the Independence Day holiday weekend. Any direction, except up, could lead you into road construction zones.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation offers a comprehensive rundown of ongoing and future construction projects. A sampling finds work being done in many locations.

  • Highway 169 between Mankato and St. Peter
  • Old Highway 14 in Janesville
  • Highway 30 between Hayfield and Rochester
  • Highway 52 in Rochester and between Pine Island and Zumbrota
  • Highway 105 in Austin
  • Highway 5 bridge near the Minneapolis airport
  • Interstate 35 north of the Twin Cities

One project that finished earlier than forecast, or at least is suspended for the time being, is the bridge painting just north of the Northfield exit off of Interstate 35. The work was creating some major delays earlier in June and was expected to continue until mid-July.

In Owatonna, work continues on County Road 45 south of Highway 14 and at the intersection with 26th Street Northwest.

The Fourth of July holiday time is the third most deadly on Minnesota roads. The state patrol is increasing staffing in an effort to keep roads safe.

Gas prices in Owatonna are as low as $2.12 a gallon, according to website. That is lower than the overall statewide average of $2.20 and the national average of $2.28.

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