The folks at WalletHub ranked Minnesota as the least stressed state in the country. They must not have asked anyone who slid down icy roads this week or Timberwolves' fans who are watching their team hang on by the tips of their fingers to a playoff spot with the season winding down.

WalletHub's ranking had Minnesota best in health and safety-related stress and money-related stress. The Gopher State had low numbers of adults in poor health and a low divorce rate. The state the highest credit ratings for its residents.

Living anywhere in the midwest is apparently a low-stress prospect. Following Minnesota, as the least stressful states to live in are North Dakota, Utah, Iowa and South Dakota. The most-stressed states are Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, Mississippi and Nevada.

In general, WalletHub reported that stress levels are on the way up. Top concerns are the future of the nation, money and work concerns. In a report on KARE-11, Dr. Kaz Nelson with the University of Minnesota Psychiatry Department says staying active, getting enough sleep and eating right are good ways to avoid stress.

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