Baseball is here and it's the Twins  home opener(we hope) on Thursday. Follow the Twins all season long on AM 1390 KRFO. Let's try a little Twins trivia. Here we go.


1. The Twins traded a future Hall of Famer for this pitcher. And this pitcher they acquired is credited with recording the first official save in Major League Baseball History. Name him. The word "official" is a clue.

2.This one time Twin led the Blue to a victory over the Gray as a college quarterback. The quarterback for the losing Gray team was Fran Tarkenton. Who was the quarterback for the Blue team?

3. The first major league to be born and raised in Manitoba was a Twin. Name him.

4.In 1960 the new Washington Senators drafted this pitcher in the expansion draft and then traded him away where he had a mighty fine career. He was later trade to the old Washington Senators who were then the Minnesota Twins. He won 20 for the Twins. Who was it?

5. This former Twins pitcher had quite a career. He was a 5 time All Star who later became a scout and is credited with signing Jose Canseco. Do you know who?

Answer time.

1. The save became an official major league statistic in 1969 and Bill Singer is credited with getting the first one. He was swapped to the Twins in the Bert Blyleven trade. Alas, Singer's best days were behind him.

2. Bernie Allen who played second base for the Twins in the 60's was quite a football player and this Purdue Boilermaker led the Blue to victory over Fran Tarkenton and the Gray.

3. Corey Koskie, Twins third baseman was born and raised in Manitoba.

4. The expansion Senators drafted Dean Chance from the Orioles in the expansion draft and then traded him to the Angels where he put up some mighty fine numbers. The Angles later traded him to the old Senators who were then the Twins. He won 20 but then went downhill fast.

5. Camilo Pascual led the league in strikeouts three times and later turned scout. Among is signings was Jose Canseco.


How did you do?

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