There is always some sort of scam going around and I am never shocked when scammers find yet another way to con people out of their personal information and money.

The latest scam to be reported in the state has to do with traffic violations. The Rice County Sheriff's Office in Minnesota recently took to social media to warn residents about the new scam.

According to their post, the scam works as follows: the victim of the scam receives an email or letter in the mail. The letter and / or email in question says that you were caught on a MnDOT camera committing a traffic violation. This could be anything from running a red light to speeding.

From there, you are directed to a link where you are told you can pay a fine. Of course, this is just a way to get your personal information and money. Those that click the link are scammed. According to the Rice County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota does not allow traffic violations to be given this way.

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If should be noted that if you do receive a violation or citation in the mail or via email, you would not be given a link. Instead, you would be directed to the courts or to a different legitimate organization where you could pay your fee.

If you have any question regarding a citation or violation, you can contact local officials and they will be able to tell you if something is legitimate. Take a moment and do this if you are unsure so that you can avoid a big headache.

Rice County, Minnesota is just a few hours from the Duluth area.

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