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Easter is in about a week and a half. Yeah, it's fun watching kids do the Easter egg hunt, but what about us adults?! This adults-only Easter egg hunt is just for you! There's a winery 90 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota in Kasota, Minnesota called Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery and this Easter they're hosting an Adult Easter Egg Hunt.

This Easter egg hunt isn't exactly like the kid's ones, but I'd say it's way better. The hunt starts at noon at Chankaska Creek Winery on Easter Sunday. You are limited to one egg per person and the color of the egg indicates a certain prize. You could get a discount on wine, a fun prize, or free wine and spirits! And obviously, you have to 21+ to participate.

Once you find an egg you have to redeem it that day, they expire after Easter Sunday. The hunt goes until all of the eggs are found. So if you're really not confident in people's hunting abilities you could show up a little later in the day to find an egg. I get the feeling this event will be popular though so I wouldn't bank on that.

Also, just a heads up, if you want to sit inside at Chankaska Creek Winery you need to have a reservation. If you'd like to make a reservation you can call 507-931-0089.

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