Today, June 27 is National Bingo Day. Seems like almost everything has their own day. I'm waiting for a Left Handed Norwegian day. Bingo is an old game but still quite young as far as coming to America.

Historians trace bringo's roots back to the 1700's in Italy. It's said that is was used by some Germans for children. It was to help them learn their numbers and letters.

It wasn't until 1929 that the game found its way to America. It was originally called Beano and played at county fairs. Players would mark their cards with beans. It's said that Beano was being played at a carnival and one of the winners accidentally blurted out Bingo instead of Beano and that's how it came to be called Bingo. A number of area communities play bingo using corn kernels to mark their cards.

I don't play a lot but I did win a turkey once. It was the last game of the night in Geneva a number of years ago.

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