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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) -  A Rochester woman was recently caught speeding - 108 mph.

A state trooper stopped 38-year-old I’Osha Gray on I-90 in rural Olmsted County around 9:00 am Oct. 25. The speed limit in the area is 70 mph. According to the citation, Gray told the trooper she had a young child at home who was being watched by an older child who left to go to school. She said she was “rushing back home to care for the child.”


MN State Patrol

Gray is among the latest to be added to the local 100 mph club.

A Milwaukee woman made the list when she was stopped last month after being clocked at 103 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-90 near Marion. The woman - 31-year-old Kristin Treichel - told the trooper she was speeding because she was late for a memorial.

MN State Patrol

A Mankato woman was pulled over last month on I-90 in rural Olmsted County after being clocked at 101 mph in a 70 mph zone. The trooper noted 24-year-old Eliezer Lubiba was initially clocked at 92 mph and then sped up to 101.

A Rochester man said he was “late for a meeting” when he was caught speeding on I-90 near Eyota. Clocked at 100 mph was 42-year-old Joseph Augedahl, who told the trooper who stopped him that he was “going 80 mph.”

MN State Patrol

There have also been numerous tickets recently written in the Rochester area involving drivers who were doing 90 mph or faster.

A Rochester teenager was caught speeding on Highway 52 near the 2nd St SW bridge. An Olmsted County deputy pulled over 18-year-old Tyler Carpenter around noon Oct. 28 after clocking him at 90 mph. The speed limit in that area is 60 mph. He was ticketed for speeding and careless driving.

Two Rochester men were given tickets after being caught racing each other on Civic Center Dr, near the Highway 52 bridge around 9:00 pm Oct. 11. A state trooper clocked them at 90 mph. The speed limit in that area is 50 mph. The trooper noted in his report that both drivers admitted to “doing the “123GO” and racing.” Ticketed were Sangvathakuntheri Ou and Oscar Rodriguez Lara, both 23-years-old. The trooper also wrote that Ou told him he was “just having fun and messing around.”

MN State Patrol

There are super speeders in other parts of Minnesota:

News update:  Two more traffic fatalities reported in Minnesota.

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