The Walk-In Access program is a fairly new attempt by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to increase the amount of land available for the public to hunt on. Starting Saturday, September 1 hunters will have access to nearly 30,000 across 47 counties in Minnesota. Though the bulk of the lands are in the western part of Minnesota, there are two locations in Waseca county and one in Steele County. You can check out the map to find hunting lands that are part of the all-access.

The Walk-In Access program pays landowners to allow hunter access. Hunters need to get a $3 Walk-In Access validation which allows them to haunt a half-our prior to sunrise until a half-hour after sunset from this Saturday till May 31. More than 250 sites are available through the program Bright yellow-green signs have been placed on Walk-In Access boundaries.

Hunting season for mourning doves, crows, snipe, sora and Virginia rail begins this Saturday.


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