Back in September, we told you about the Minnesota man that was attacked by bears in the Wyoming wilderness while hiking. That man, Brad Johnson, a surgeon has shared with People Magazine the moments leading up to the attack and what was going through his mind as he was being 'thrown' around by a Grizzly bear. 

Brad Johnson had been hiking for four hours through Wyoming’s rugged Beartooth Mountains on a crisp, early September afternoon when he spotted the two dark silhouettes barreling through the forest, roughly 20 feet ahead of him.

“Two grizzlies,” Johnson, told People in a story in this week’s issue of the magazine, “and they were at full charge, coming straight at me.”

Seconds later, before Johnson could deploy the bear spray he’d been carrying, one of the 400 lb. animals was right on top of him. The bear after tearing through the muscle on the right side of his back and shattering his shoulder on the same side then tore into the bones and muscles of his left upper arm. Johnson told the magazine that “the pain was out of this world...It jostled and kind of ripped me around for about a minute. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I figured I was going to die.”

According to Johnson the bears then took off as quickly as they’d appeared. Minutes later, Johnson’s three buddies, who had traveled with him from Minnesota for a five-day fishing trip found him drenched in blood and crumpled behind a log.

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