It's the first weekend in November, it doesn't seem possible that we are there already. It's also my favorite Sunday of the year. Daylight Saving Time comes to an end and we go back to Standard Time. Since 2007, that means it is the first Sunday in November, instead of October before that.

I understand the theory behind Daylight Saving Time, but, I don't like, scratch that, I HATE the idea of losing an hour of sleep in the Spring. Throws the whole schedule off and makes for crabby kids. I do, however, love going back to Standard Time and I'm more than ok with it being dark at 5 pm. You can turn on your Christmas lights earlier in the day and enjoy them longer.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour at 2 am on Sunday morning, November 4th. You should also check your smoke detectors at the same time and change batteries if they need it. Lastly, enjoy that extra hour you'll get Sunday morning, for sleeping, or just putzing around the house as you're either getting ready for Church or for the Vikings game at noon.

U.S. Prepares To Set Clocks Back As Daylights Saving Time Ends
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