Almost everyone's looked up a symptom online. You don't feel well, you go to (also known as WebMD) and you try to figure out what you have. MedicareHealthPlans decided to figure out what symptom each state Googled the most. Like sweaty palms is most Googled in California. In Idaho, Symptoms of E Coli. Over in Tennessee they Google Pregnancy Cravings a whole lot.

How 'bout Minnesota? Well, let's look at the states around us first. What symptoms are they Googling?

  • North Dakota - IBS symptoms
  • South Dakota - Headache
  • Wisconsin - Light Colored Poop
  • Iowa - Stress

In Minnesota? The number one symptom we Google is...irritable.

My guess as to what's causing the irritability? Passive aggressive folks hold in all their real anger, and it leaks out in irritability. SCIENCE!



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