Minnesota is being invaded. You probably didn’t even realize it, but they’re everywhere. In our parks. In our forests. Maybe even outside your home. The scariest part? They’re not even from America.

Floodwater Inundates Victorian Towns
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No, it's not that guy.

I’m talking about earthworms, of course. Did you know that? That earthworms are an invasive species that arrived from Europe? I had no idea. But that’s apparently true, and it also looks like these worms are harming Minnesota trees.

Scientists just completed a study that shows earthworms are causing sugar maple trees to decline in the forests in the northern part of the state. How? These slimy little jerks are eating the leaves, which impacts the health of the tree. Who knew that worms could be so deadly?

So far, scientists are advising people not to dump worms and nightcrawlers into the woods, since there are some areas that aren’t affected. Great Lakes Worm Watch has more info on invasive earthworms if you want to know more and help out. Personally, this seems like a great excuse to go dig up some free bait and go fishing. Do it for the trees!

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