It looks like at least one McDonald’s restaurant in Minnesota is making a big jump into the future. Today, the McDonald’s on University Avenue in Fridley has begun rolling out new technology that will change how you order, pay for, and sit down to eat a Big Mac. This McDonald’s will use the new restaurant model that’s been used internationally called the Experience of the Future. Basically, you’ll now order and pay for your food from a “digital self-order kiosk” (McRobot? McCashier? McKiosk? I’m still brainstorming). A real-life human working inside the restaurant will then bring your order to your table. This is part of a new initiative where McDonald’s crewmembers will be focusing more on hospitality and keeping a clean store. Also, more robots.

If you get the chance to check this place out, you’ll be seeing what McDonald’s (and many other fast food restaurants, I’m sure) will be looking like in the very near future. The company is hoping to update the rest of its restaurants by 2020 – so expect the fast food robot invasion to arrive in Rochester within the next few years. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is probably to blame.


I’ve been hearing more and more that automation (where jobs normally done by humans are being replaced by machines) is arriving at a rapid pace, and this definitely seems to prove that isn’t being overblown. It seems weird right now, but one day we’re all probably going to be eating a McDouble that was made by a robot. Hope that will taste just as good!

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