This year, Minnesota has seen a high increase in traffic fatalities. The main contributor to this increase is speed-related deaths.

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As of July, the total number of traffic-related losses sat at 254. Compare that to July 2020 (where the numbers sat at 194), Minnesota has experienced a 31 percent increase in these kinds of deaths. 

The Minnesota State Patrol is at a loss for words.

Last month, law enforcement agencies across the state focused on slowing down motorists by adding extra patrol to the streets. The extra patrol cited 44,967 motorists for speeding through July 8th. About 646 tickets had speeds of 100 mph or more.

But it seems having extra patrol still has not halted speeding.

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The Minnesota State Patrol shared this message on Facebook yesterday afternoon.

"We’re not sure what it will take for people to get the point:

Speeding causes deadly and life-changing crashes. Here are some of our most recent speed stops:

• 100/65 mph zone

• 102/70 mph zone

• 104/70 mph zone

• 102/70 mph zone

• 100/70 mph zone

• 103/60 mph zone"

Some Facebook users were outraged by the numbers.

Kata F. commented:

"Wow! I do not ever drive THAT fast, it makes me feel uncomfortable! Also injuries in crashes at those speeds are very lethal. Thank you for enforcing the speed limits! It makes a huge difference in safety!"

And, well, others just didn't agree.

Luke H commented:

"100mph isnt even that fast....get out the left lane and enjoy your talk radio in the right lane. People who drive slow cause more accidents than anyone."

No matter what you believe. It is always good to be cautious on the roads. You might just save a life, and truthfully, it could be your own.

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